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Alpha our hand reared chick

Live Streaming web cameras, in a small New Forest Garden, several bird boxes, a Hedgehog box, a Mealworm feeder, a bird feeder and a bird bath. Most of our camera’s are live 24/7, plus you can play back the last week, also many video clips obtained over the years. To view the cameras at the best possible streaming speed, Java is required. You can download Java by Clicking here or you can select the Java applet

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We have been monitoring the nests, Birds and hedgehogs with C.C.TV. Cameras since 2003 and in 2006, after a period of very bad weather, we rescued and hand reared some blue tit chicks deserted by their parents.

You can follow all these events by looking through the relevant Diaries on the links above, to help find information fast, each diary has a summery page.


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